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Downsizing has been announced - Low Cost Outplacement


Those valued employees that you regret having to let go can be offered a special life-changing job-search workshop that is designed with them in mind.  It is imperative that they get engaged immediately in serious jobsearch with no time off for rest and recuperation after losing their job.  The first 4 months of job search can set the stage for your employee's full job search.  If they go into a shell or pattern of inactivity, they will likely not come out in the months ahead.

Your best gift to them is to offer a workshop that is designed to teach them the skills of navigating in the troubled waters of today's job market.  The workshop will require attending classes for one hour a week for 16 weeks.  It will require homework each week which is graded for performance.  It will require them to actually conduct informational interviews in companies in the area where they have an interest in working.  In order to graduate, they must conduct at least 40 of those interviews.  This is unique in outplacement programs.

The discipline required in this workshop is designed to help them keep their edge as a high performer and not fall into a state of not knowing where to go in the search process.

It is highly recommended that they are high performers who are willing to do the hard work and put some "skin" in the game by paying at least a part of the cost of the workshop.  You can offer a complete or partial refund of their contribution at the successful completion of the class.

Fees for the workshops vary by the number of employees that are trained. 

Unique aspects of Career Focus Workshops as opposed to typical Out-placement are:

1)      Client engaged - performance based.

         a)  This is not a passive workshop.

         b)   Homework is assigned at each session and graded by the instructor.

2)      Designed to help serious seeker.

        a)   Many job seekers coast during first months of unemployment.  Then they cannot get back into the groove.

       b)   The serious seeker is willing to come out of the chute and get busy doing the necessary things to land a job.

3)      Keeps morale up during search.

       a)   Lack of productive job search activity will soon bring morale down.

       b)  Not knowing how to stay active in productive job search will soon cause job search paralysis.  The average job seeker only spends 5 hours a week in productive job search.

4)      Moves employee out of anger and fear mode faster.

       a)   A natural emotion after being let go is anger about being in this predicament.

       b)   Productive activity will take the mind off the emotional track and give the employee a sense of having control over their destiny.

5)      Separates them from the crowd.

       a)  The average job seeker does not attempt to go after the jobs in the “hidden job market”.  Over 75% of jobs are found by a referral from an inside contact.

      b)  A skilled seeker who knows how to penetrate this market will be taken more seriously by the hiring manager.

6)      Builds confidence in their ability to market themselves.

7)     Builds the skill of job search and career change.

8)     Low Cost!

Helps them keep their work momentum and daily discipline!


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