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Employment Fit Assessment

Companies need an assessment tool to measure a candidate's ability to solve business problems, work well under stress, work with others on a team, manage time wisely and fit with the company culture.  

The Pre-employment Assessment Program measures performance of an individual under stress in a workshop environment.  It is designed to have the individual do a personal assessment of their natural problem solving skills and work place preferences.  This helps determine in which environments and cultures they could flourish.  They then must identify the fields and industries where they would likely best fit .

Next, they set up research visits with several workers inside the host company to obtain their perspective on company culture, work environment.  And they see the type of employee they would be working with if hired.

The work load will show how effective they are in managing time and dealing with work stress.  Their ability to learn new things is measured by their comfort in trying this new, unusual method for determining fit with a company. 

Both the company and the candidate get a better feel for whether this potential employment opportunity would be a good fit for their needs.

This arduous program will demonstrate the candidate's willingness to contribute significant time and energy to have the possibility of working for the host company.

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