Increasing Employee Amperage

Business owners need dedicated workers who look at the business the same way they do and work just as hard to keep the company afloat and profitable.  One way to encourage that attitude is to expose key management personnel to the same view the owner has of the outside forces or elements affecting the company's future.  Those forces are the customers, suppliers and competitors.  The more knowledgeable the key personnel are about those elements the better they can manage the company's resources in day-to-day decisions concerning business operations.

Workforce Enhancement Workshops provide current employees the tools to evaluate their current company's image and standing in the eyes of the company's customers, suppliers and competitors.  And, they provide a better understanding by the employee on where they can better serve the company with their natural talents and abilities.  This bird's eye view of the company and their place in it will help them see the company more as their own and help them make better long term decisions with their department or operation.

In addition, their subordinates need to stay focused and engaged in their jobs in order to stay productive.  Unfortunately they can be easily distracted in today's weak economy by fears of a downsizing or reduction in force.  The greatest concern for workers today is not more pay, but longevity.  Job security has risen to the top of the motivational chain.

Yet, there are few companies that can guarantee job security.  Even the Government is laying people off.

Therefore, an owner should to try to lessen the job security concerns by providing the employees with job transition skills and know-how.  This “parachute” will be a source of comfort in case of an emergency.  Life boats are not routinely needed, but their presence gives the passengers a sense of security in case they are.

These workshops provide the skills and know-how to navigate the troubled waters of unemployment.  They teach an employee how to pack their job security parachute.

With their minds less on job insecurity, they are free to devote their attention to the task at hand on the job.  You will notice an increase in productivity and general attention to the Company’s business.  And, they will appreciate your thinking of them and their struggles in life, not just what they can do for you.

An added bonus is the self assessment provided by the workshops.  This gives a person insight into their natural problem solving skills.  Once identified, the employee gains confidence in their ability to solve certain types of problems in the company.  They often become more aggressive in solving those problems at work and the company benefits from the increased employee amperage.

In summary, Workforce Enhancement Workshops can:

  • improve productivity and profitability from a more energized, focused workforce,

  • improve decision making and the "ownership perspective" of key personnel,

  • improve workforce talent utilization from greater self awareness of skills and abilities,

  • relieve worries about an uncertain employment picture, 

  • build goodwill with your employees and the community.