Taking Care of the Faithful Workers.

A bleak future without help!

Economic pressures can force us to separate some of our finest employees.

Taking care of those we have to let go is noticed closely by those staying on board.

So, it is vital for the remaining workforce to see that their compatriots were given the best of care in the trauma of a separation.

A good severance and out-placement package helps to ease the sting somewhat.  However, most offerings on the market today do not heavily engage a displaced worker in job search training.  They normally offer good resume writing assistance, an office for making phone calls and general networking tips.  But, they fall far short of putting a displaced worker into a highly engaged process that grabs their attention immediately and puts them to work in a thorough self assessment program.

As a result, the worker will languish in anger, pity, fear and disgust over their not being able to prevent this tragedy.  They need to be pulled out of this “pity pool” as soon as possible. The longer they have to reflect on the negative feelings of separation, the less energy they can muster to take on an effective job search.  And, their friends still on the job see this during occasional encounters.

Right Hire Solutions, a subsidiary of Career Focus Solutions, offers an intense workshop called Job Search University, that will give the client the best available structure to learn and practice the most effective search methods used by job seekers in today’s job market.  Once in harness with other seekers in the workshop environment, they see that they are not alone and have a specific plan for getting a good job in a good company where they would enjoy working.

Loss of structure is one of the most debilitating effects of unemployment.  With no time clocks or organizational structure to hold us accountable, we flounder in the job search.  After about a month into the job search, after the resume has been written, all the familiar faces have been notified of the need for employment, and the internet has been exhausted of opportunities, the average job seeker only spends about 5 hours a week of gainful job search.  They actually don’t know what else to do.

JSU is all about structure.  It provides specific homework assignments every week which demands 15 to 25 hours of dedication to personal development and company research. Homework is graded as the first item on each week’s agenda.  Points scored each week accumulate toward the course work minimum required for graduation.

Job Search University (JSU) provides four months of very active training and job search activities that will give the job seeker a plan for continual action until the next position is obtained.  The workshops meet for two hours each week for 16 weeks.  The program for four quarters of study is as follows:

Content:    Quarter I -     Targeted Resumes - Work Portfolios - Self Assessment

                   Quarter II -     Target Company Identification and Public Info Assessment

                   Quarter III -     Target Company Internal Assessment

                   Quarter IV -     Development of Insider Network in Target Companies

What they get: Job Search Tools which their typical competition does not have:

  1. Targeted Resumes which grab attention away from typical generic ones.

  2. Work Portfolios which leave a positive impression in any interview.

  3. Personal Success Stories to be used in interviews to answer Difficult Questions.

  4. Transferable Skills to show their ability to solve problems in any kind of company.

  5. Work Place Preferences which help them choose the companies that best fit them.

  6. Targeted Companies (15) where their skills and preferences best fit.

  7. A Network of Contacts inside Targeted Companies to inform them of “Insider Jobs”.

  8. A High Performance Search Team to work with until they land a position.

Typical Graduates achieve:

  1. Confidence in their ability to interview well.

  2. Courage in reaching out to build a network of contacts in good places to work.

  3. Knowledge of the best techniques for finding a good job in the “Hidden” job market.

The overall objective of Job Search University is to equip a career changer or job seeker with the tools to stand out above the competition in an interview and build a solid network of contacts inside good companies for potential employment.

Jumping Together With Personally Packed Parachutes