Workforce Enhancement Workshop

Self Assessment

  1. Problem Solving Track Record - Success Stories

  2. Problem Solving Strengths - Transferable Skills

  3. Motivational Drivers - Work Place Preferences

  4. Preferred Fields and Industry Environments - Company / fields exploration

Communication Skills

  1. Organization and presentation of Success Stories.

  2. Communication Ability with current staff

  3. Research Visit outside the organization.

Fit with organization

  1. Alignment with Skills - job tasks and duties

  2. Alignment with Preferences - location, facilities and staff

  3. Alignment with Culture - style of management

Knowledge of competitors, suppliers and customers

  1. Research on customers, suppliers and competition

  2. Assessment of host company in eyes of external customers, etc.

Course Content:

  1. Success Stories

  2. Transferable Skills

  3. Work Place Preferences

  4. Staff informational interviews.

  5. Company Research Visit

Class work: Seven 1-hour meetings, one night a week, in evenings.

Homework: approx. 5 hours per week for six weeks.